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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wood Siding

OMG we are starting to look like someone cares about this place (why is this underlining everthing), I did not ask it to do that??? Sigh.

Last weekend, Kirk did the log siding on the bays. We have been oiling the wood over the last week or so, but believe it or not it can use more now that it has been up for a week and in the sun.

A close up view (where'd the under lining go, crazy). The log siding is in pine and the framing wood is dougfir, it has a red tint to the wood and stands out nicely against the pine. Note the upper windows.....lol, my paper curtains. The afternoon sun really beats in there (and below), and since I have no curtains up there as of yet, I taped paper in the windows to block some of the sun...thus the heat, it really helps.

Today the greenhouse gets its face lift, it has been OSB sheeting for so long, it is going to be nice to have the new siding on it. Just maybe we won't look so much like the "Helkies" (trailer trash of Hinkley (where we used to live)).

The BEFORE.........................................

No those are not ghosts
I have had to put row
cloth on my tomatoes
The dagone grasshoppers
are eating everything
although they are not eating the
tomatoe plants, just the
It does kind of look like I
am ready for Halloween.

The AFTER...............

It still needs the facia boards, well the whole house does. My plan is to paint the facia the green of the shutters. I really like this green. I wanted the siding to be the green cement board but the greens they have are (in my opinion) ugly. Kirk wanted to do the logs, so that is what we did...er....he did. I put my 2 cents in where ever needed.

Though I haven't any pictures (new flower beds are not really so great to look at), I have begun 3 new flower beds on the edge of the hill. Another finaly, some landscaping. I have plans but it is not good to get ahead of ones self. It has only been 4 years since we started this adventure and I think we have come a long way from bare ground and 1 1/2 people doing all this work (I am the 1/2).

So tomorrow, I think we will be going to the mountain for wood. I have landscape pictures to share next time. We live in such a pretty place.


Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

Looking good. I am keeping up with your progress. Keep sending out the pictures. I love the west.

Susan said...

Gosh, everything looks great! So more wood siding on the bottom, under the windows of the green house? You've made a lot of progress this summer.