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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Winter is A comin

Winter is just around the corner, it is time to begin gathering wood for the stove. We heat only with wood, so we take several trips for wood.

The mountains are so pretty, I love being up there.

Below is the valley from a neighbor/friends land, they let us get our wood there. The day is was hazy so the picture is not very good, but if you will click on the picture you will beable to see better. In this picture you are looking down on the valley where we live. You can see the green around the creeks that run through town.

Here is the results of our day. We have to unload yet and cut and split, but that will be this next weekend. One more trip like this and we will be set.


Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

I cannot remember how I found your blog. Many of the good ones I find just surfing, you know clicking blog after blog at the top of our blog page. Most of the time it is in spanish or weird. I think that is how I came across yours. I have come across many I still follow. I only just started blogging. Anyway I had just finished a trip in Colorado and Wyoming and loved it. So your title caught my eye. I just went back and looked at your first couple of posts. The picture of your homestead in the white snow was beautiful. So now you have been there a good while. Keep posting. I love keeping up with your journey.
DF in Georgia

Susan said...

Looks like you found a batch of good stuff, nice thick logs to make lots of wood for the wood pile.