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Friday, January 22, 2010

Kitchen Update 2

This weeks progress is not as noticeable as last weeks. We have been working on getting the finish on the cabinets.

The picture below is how I stored my appliances before

Here is their new home. It will be so nice to have them close at hand and not have to clean them before I can use them. WAHOO. Check out the pull out shelves, there will be 4 more of those on the other side of the kitchen (left of the picture), once we get that set of cabinets built (humm, I should say once Kirk gets them built). LOL.

I am also replacing the knobs and pulls will we are at it. Here are the old ones, which were on the doors and drawers.

The new drawer pulls, they are pink, I know it is hard to tell.

The doors will have a mixture of colors, the knobs here (not the pulls). I will use the pink, green, blue and some clear ones I got, perhaps a few of the black. I also plan on using the left over knobs to make a hanging system for my silk ribbons that I use for my Crazy quilting. When the knobs go in I will be sure to post.

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Kelee said...

Hi Gail!

Love those handles! Cheery!

Thank-you for the visit!

Its so nice meeting you!

love, kelee