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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Construction Inspector On Duty

Construction of the new kitchen cabinets began this morning and inspector Missy Mew was on duty. She was into every aspect of the install of the cabinets, pictures below.

Here Kirk is installing a pony wall (half wall) that will be the back of the cabinets and will hold the bar top.

I did not get a picture but inspector Mew, made sure the wall is straight and each of the holes for the plumbing (in the studs) are drilled all the way through.

Cabinet box is sat into position, inspector Mew checks that the shelf is secure, she later tests the shelf for sleep-ability.

This box will hold 4 new drawers (back view), inspector-inspecting!

Work is done for the day. We have (from left to right) new appliance cabinet (completely inspected by inspector Mew), pan cabinet, which will have pull outs on both shelves, temporary counter, space for stove, and drawer cabinet.

Front view of drawer cabinet.

Look of whole unit from front door, I love it, it is so nice and neat and beats the heck out of that table that was there (see last post). WAHOO!!

Thanks for stopping by, more to come, so come on back.


Anna said...

wow so neat to see all the updates
I am still alive lol over here just got back into blogging and am soing an update right now will read more here later

Susan said...

Gail, this looks fabulous! Kirk is really fast, too. I love the pics including the cat. LOL. She's really grown a lot since we saw her the first time.