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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Kitchen Update

First, I want to apologize for the mess the kitchen is in, but frankly I am not going to get to cranked up about cleaning it right now, because tomorrow everything will be upside down. For tomorrow we begin the expansion of the kitchen. Secondly, we just finished dinner, so nothing is put away from that. Grin.

In the picture above you see the table I have been using as a counter top since we moved the dinning table from there and put it into the former livingroom (right). I am thankful for the table but as you can see in this and the following picture it has just become a huge mess. The stove that you see here will be moved over to the table location and replaced with a dishwasher.
The table that the crock pot is on will be moved out and cabinets will replace it.

In this picture you see the other side of the table with the old microwave on it, the other one broke and this is where the old working one landed, in the last picture above the stove is the broken "new'' microwave, we will be placing the old working one there tomorrow. Back to the table, this will become a cook center with stove and cabinets and new hood.
The appliances on the cart used to be in the pantry and never used until the dinning table was moved and there became room in the kitchen, now there will be a cabinet to hide them all in in that space. Behind the cart is a heater that keeps the house warm when we are out of town, it will be moved to a new location.

So stay tuned, updates will be coming of the transformation, which will come over the next several months as we get the money to move ahead. Tomorrow the work begins.


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