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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A little more Christmas

I thought I would share some close ups of the tree.

Why would I do that? Last year, because of losing all my
ornaments we did some improvising. I put those items
on the tree again this year. Earrings, were a good find for
decorating the tree. So if you need some new decorations
check out your jewelry box.

In the above picture, on the left you will see one of a set of
crystal grape earrings (remember to click for a close look).

After Christmas last year I also picked up some crystal garland and
ice cycles (well they really are plastic, but oh so pretty).

The white garland I have had for years and I love it, with its
white lights running through it.

Here you see a silver flower, that is made from a pepsi can
another of the free ornaments we made last year with a button
cover as a center. You will also see another earring (on the green
ribbon) and home made ornaments that my DD and grandsons made
for me from cinnamon dough.

The crochet ornament was made by my MIL, well she made
the coasters, I put satin in between two and stitched them together
and added a bead to the center.

More special ornaments made by my grandsons and DD.

You can see the whole tree in my last post, go ahead and look
and see God's tree farm, too.

Below is a quilt I made several years ago, it is my Christmas
quilt. Have to have a Christmas quilt.

I have more decorations to show, but will hold that for another post.

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