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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Kirk's parents and grandparents spent many years hunting arrowheads and other Indian artifacts in several western states, including Wyoming. For several years his mom, Letha, has been wanting us to take the box of "rocks" and do something with them. Two years ago, she gave us several displays of arrowheads and we had not done anything with them yet, mainly because we did not know what we wanted to do. Sooooooooo.....after bringing the boxes of "rocks" home with us this last Christmas we began trying to decide what to do.

One day as I was cleaning the mirror in the bathroom it occurred to me that the frame that Kirk had made for the mirror would be perfect for the arrowhead displays, so when he came home I told him my idea. Yes, I get many ideas that he then implements when possible (see my last post). LOL. The picture below is what resulted. The frame is a perfect fit for the arrowheads, it is made from old barn wood. Then.................

A few days later he was out in the shop making more frames and expanded on the idea (his idea, not mine, he get really good ideas) and I love the way he did the 2nd and 3rd frames. Click on the picture to enlarge. Don't you love how they look with the eagle and fish he did and my rustic lamp shade. To say the least I am very happy with how this looks. Then.............................

we still had thousands of
arrowheads and other
items. What shall we do?
Something special.

A bar top? Why not!?
But how shall we do this?

So we had a slab of wood cut, and played with placing some of the artifacts on it. Ya, that is cool, but the only way to keep them there would be to cover them with resin, we did not like the idea of covering them like that, to us that felt wrong. So more thinking and experimenting and Kirk came up with

this idea...............and it worked perfectly.

He cut a recess into the slab, it is about 1 inch deep, making special wells for the large items to set into, these special wells would also serve to support the glass we wanted to put on top.

Here is a closer view of what he did.

and another. See how the well walls, that are the same height as the outer edge, will help support the glass as it spans across the area? He spent about 6 hours on the carving and created...........................

This beautiful bar that showcases the the wonderful arrowheads that were such a passion to his grandfather (Shorty), grandma (Josie), mom and dad. We still want to add a story and some pictures to the bar to make it even more special.

So now you know what you can do with a box of arrowheads and some wood.


Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

Beautiful. I love all the ideas. You have a very special husband. Keep the pictures and posts coming.

Susan said...

The framed bits are very nice, but I truly love the counter. Kirk is such a creative problem solver - much like you. =)

dj said...

what a cool and unique idea.


Petite Little Bee said...

This looks so wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Lia

Nancy said...

First, I love your header...what a stunning photo. My hubby would love to pack up and move to Wyoming! The bar is just beautiful! What a great idea. It turned out lovely!

Anonymous said...

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Very appreciated. See you around