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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Poor is as Poor does!!

Have you ever had a dilemma?

We have been redoing our kitchen, adding cabinets. If you have been following this blog, you know we used to live in a 800 sq ft space. So when we put an addition onto the house all the rooms grew as things were rearranged, including the kitchen.

Problem, the stove is going to be moved from the current position below, across the room. For this new place we need a slide in stove, a stove without a back sticking up.....OMGosh have you priced a slide in stove without a back? Only 1,500 to 1,700 hundred dollars. Yikes, we can't afford that right now, besides I would rather have a dishwasher first. So one night while I could not sleep, I began to think about the stove we have. I got up and investigated.

See the stove in the picture below. See the back on it? (click the picture if you'd like a closer look) I lifted the burner top and looked, there is nothing back there, oh the wires to the clock, which died last year (this stove is 25 years old), and switch to the light in the oven (also dead). Other then that it is empty space, well except for the vent to the oven which comes up the back. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Why can't we take the back off. Leave the vent grate and slide the stove into the new spot. So I gave the idea to Kirk and he looked and there is no reason. So off came the back.

It had brackets that stuck up, we could cut them off, but what a mess that would make in the house, lets bend them down.

Tuck them under, and add a self tapping screw to hold in place.

Now, will you just look at how that stove fits into the new space! The oven can still vent fine and we saved all that money until such time as we can get a new stove.

Looks pretty good in the new cabinets, doesn't it? Poor people have to make do. I am pretty proud of my idea. Grin

Now there is space for a dishwasher. Kirk is working on the cabinets for this side of the kitchen as I type. WaHoo. If you will refer to the first picture it will help you see how the table has been replaced with the cabinets in this picture. It will be nice to have all this storage and workspace.


Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

Great idea. I love reading about your progress. Keep posting along with pictures.

Diann said...

Okay Gail...do you see me over here in the corner bowing to your brilliance! Very smart idea! You get major kudos for the day!!

Connie said...

I think that was very clever! It looks great. Besides, doesn't it feel good to get rid of the clock which did not work!

Susan said...

Very creative - no surprise there. =) Love the way things are looking. I can hardly wait until I get another look at it.