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Friday, June 24, 2011

High Water - 2011 - Hyattville Wyoming, day 2

Day 2
Flooding gets a bit worse today,
it got pretty warm yesterday and we are seeing
the effects of that melt off.

Here is what the creek looks like today near our friends place
(refer to yesterdays post for comparison pictures)
It has completely overflowed its banks now, flooding the foreground area
Going on over into the pasture, giving perspective of the size
my jeep is parked on the side there
It continues on in front of the jeep and is beginning to cross the road.
and yet further out into the pasture, filling ruts left days earlier. 
Another look, including the house, it is just amazing to me
when on a normal day you can wade in the creek, and it is only maybe 
shin deep.
This also makes you notice things you don't normally consider
like how far back that water goes.
Over by the bridge again (see yesterdays post) the water
is about a foot higher, still quite a ways from going over the top, but has risen.
Here is the little white house again, the water is really getting up there and
spreading wider, only a rock pillar is holding up that corner.  
Notice the water now in the field on the right.

This field was mostly dry yesterday, now it half way to the house.
This road was dry yesterday, and is the road to a house I showed you
yesterday, I need to go and get pictures of it today.
Another friends house, I know beautiful yard isn't it!
The water is getting ready to enter the grass at the back of their yard,
I just am in awe at how wide the creeks have become.  
That water is scary fast and so, so muddy.
Yet another neighbors, the house is safe so far but the
horse arena is flooded.

Another look up stream (by the white house). 
The water makes things look so different.
Lots of sand bags have been filled and place where needed.
Hopefully with a few cooler days it will slow down.

We just got a recorded call from the Sheriffs department
saying to expect another 6 inch rise in water in some
areas, mainly mentioned Shelly Canyon and Hyattville.
Shell Canyon has been having alot of problems 
including damage to roads so it is closed now.

I will report more tomorrow.

May God Bless and Keep you. 

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