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Thursday, June 23, 2011

High Water - 2011 - Hyattville Wyoming

Well, looks like high water is here.
With some reports stating 300% + snow pack
we could see some flooding in our little town. 

This first picture is how one of our 2 creeks looks mid summer.
not at its lowest but getting there, just right for wading.

I went out and about to see what is happening, now that we 
are hitting the 90 degree mark.

This next picture is taken at a neighbors place.
You can see the house and normally the creek is just
perfect for wading in.  Not today, it is running hard.
and as you can see getting close to the house.

As I turned to my left and looked up the creek you can see
the church, which normally you can not see for trees,
which now are downed.

Just down stream from them.
is one of the bridges, (we have 3 in town)
water is starting to get into the yard of the house in the background.
Across the creek the water is
 getting mighty close to this old house.
Which is usually about 10 feet from the water.

It is getting up there.
(Same bridge, little old house to my left).

On one leg of the other creek sits
our friends house.  Water in the foreground, is normally
dry pasture.

Here you can see a bit better.
The creek generally runs between the bank and the first
set of trees.  Not long ago,
well maybe 2 years ago, we had a graduation party,
with picnic tables between the first row of trees
and the second row.   Of course when the water
goes down, we can picnic again.

So as of today this is how the water has risen, I will keep you posted if
it gets higher.

I know it has been a long time since I have posted,
so far it has been a very busy spring, with a lot of rain, thus
tons of weeds, BUT all of my plants are so 
happy.  I have heard from others that, they measured
about 10 inches of rain so far, that is a ton for here 
on the high desert of Wyoming. 

Getting ready for company, Kirks parents and 
our grandson Konner, arriving this weekend.
In July Samantha, Andy, with grandsons Bryce and Tristan,
will be here after they visit Yellowstone.

No hunting company this year, so that will be lonely.
Stop on over to Decorating My Tin Shack for a 
look see at some home improvements,
for an update on quilting projects.

God Bless and Keep you.

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