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Monday, August 08, 2011

Sheep Herder's Shack = Chicken Coop

Sheep Herder's Shack
Chicken Coop

I had seen this building years ago at a friends place
and thought it was a neat old building.
Yesterday morning, Kirk came home with the idea
of turning it into a chicken coop since it 
was going to be hauled off to the burn pile.

Of course, we will take the orphaned building.
It is perfect, reminiscent of a homestead. 

The building is 10' X 16' and is on skids.
If you want something done Kirk and Terry will find a way if there is one.

After dragging it through part of town, it is time
to go up our driveway.

The drive is rather steep and then

Does a switch back
With a few things in the way, but 
no backing was done.

Then on up the hill almost to the upper pad,

Now being pushed into place.
Not a beautiful building, very humble.  
Hard to believe someone lived in this building out
in the wilderness while grazing his sheep.

It has two windows, well really openings with screens on them.
The roof is just slightly rounded and needs replacing.

Here I am giving you an idea of its placement to the house.
For those new to this blog, we are still in the building
process here, 6 years of work from 
a dirt hill and just the 2 of us doing all the work.
This blog is all about the process, I invite you to explore.

Another picture to show placement of things.
The over grown late summer garden.
Note the grade of the hill to the left we are 
half way between the top and the road.

We do not know the age of the building, but it is well made
and will make a great home for our chicks. 
The wood is a wonderful grey.
I will update as we fix er up for the girls.

Thanks for coming over.
Please leave a comment so I know you came.

May God Bless and Keep You.


Carol/Red Dirt In My Soul said...

Just found your blog. Welcome to Wyoming.

Carol/Red Dirt In My Soul said...

Just found your blog. Welcome to Wyoming. I'm south of Ten Sleep, so we're neighbors! If you get some time, come visit my blog, http://reddirtinmysoul.com

Faye ~ Wild Rose Vintage ~ Cabin Creek said...

Love the shack! I like stuff like that and what a great find!.