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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chickens on the Homestead

Chickens on the Homestead

On Sept 6th our little girls hatched out
they arrived here on Sept 9
It is amazing how they can travel through
the mail like that with no food or water

Here is a little video of them on their first day home.

First thing you have to do is dip their little beaks into water.
Now this triggers the digestive process, 
their little travel box was clean, but within minutes of
getting their first drinks they begin to poop.  

Now they spend their day eating, drinking, chirping and pooping.
With two lights in their little home no one was getting
much sleep, little naps here and there which,  were 
interrupted by someone else (chicken wise) jumping upon
the head.  So we decided despite the need for heat that we would
turn the lights off, cover them and let them sleep over the night.
So I turned the lights off and oh my goodness the racket was amazing
they did not like this change from bright light to darkness.
In about 10 minutes though they were snuggled together and very
very quite.  I checked on them about 4 times during 
the night to make sure they were not to cold, but they were fine.
So now we ALL go to bed at night.  Grin.

Today, 9-11 the girls are enjoying some time in the sun and warmth
of the green house.

We have also been working on the coop.  
The inside is getting cleaned out, and the yard is fenced
and the front porch is in progress.

 Looking at the coop from the house.
Fence is up, new roof is on

Work on the porch has begun
Gate is up, this is an old salvaged gate, goes perfect.
Roosts are up, walls cleaned.  The white spots are from
wall paper that was covering the inside, well contact paper really
I decided to leave the really adhered pieces, to help
with the buildings history.
Starting to insulate the ceiling.
Worked on cleaning the floor, it was about 1/2 inch thick
in stuff to vacuum up.
The dogs love coming in with us.
They met the chicks today.
I am sure Bear (in the back) wanted to lick them
One of the windows, another is to the left.
The girls are growing fast, I will share more soon.

Thank you for visiting.  Come on back.

May God Bless and Keep you.

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Susan said...

How cute they are! That's quite a few you got. Are you guaranteed roosters in there somewhere? By law of averages, maybe? Will that coop keep them warm enough in the winter snow drifts? Or do you put a heater in there, too? Are the kitties taking a look at them?