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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tales of the Chickens

Well the chickens are pretty much grown up now, they should begin to 
lay some time around February.

Good morning girls, come on out into the sunshine
are you hungry?
Time for some food and recreation.  
So much to do, house keeping of the yard and house.  LOL.

I wish I had more pictures to share with some of the stories 
I have to share.  
 This girl is Winny, she is a Winsummer breed, she is the biggest one.
  She was our free chick.  
Her cheeks are puffy, like lacy feathers.
The other hens are New Hampshires.  They are so pretty.
We got a new puppy a couple weeks ago, she loves 
to go in with the chickens and as you can see
no one is afraid of the other.  
Tricksey is part Jack Russell and part Doxie, 
she is about 3 months now.

Just a short story,
one morning this fall I was sitting in the chicken yard,
(I have a milk crate I sit on) 
visiting with the girls, watching them do their
chicken things, when all of a sudden one of the black
hens jumped up on my leg, she was talkin to me
moving close and then crossing over my arm, 
to my other leg and sat down, she stayed for about 5 minutes.  
Next day, I was in their house fixen their water, 
bent over and up she jumps on my back.
I stood up slowly as she backed up my back, 
yes, backed up.  She ended up on my shoulder.
where she decided to be a hairdresser.
I call her miss girl, she lets me pick her up
and I turn her on her beak (so to speak) to check for dirt feet.
then hold her to my chest where she tells me tales before settling in.
Well that is it for today.  
I am headed out to clear the dread flowers and weeds from 
Lady's grave and plant some wild flower seeds.
We are having warm weather right now getting up to about
40, so might as well take advantage of the

 God Bless.  Thank you for stoppin by

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Susan said...

Wow, warmer than it has been, then. Looks great - but I imagine the sunshine is temporary. =) The chickens are so cute from here. LOL