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Friday, June 07, 2013

Carport Work

Carport Work Continues

I am happy to say the carport is built.

It was rather frustrating, as the week we 
had planned to work on this project with the
help of some folks from Tennessee, it just kept raining.
Finally on Saturday, June 1 the sun came out.
In the morning the team from Tennessee came over
and helped Kirk get the rafters up.
Just look at that sky, so beautiful, so beautiful.
The work went fast with all the help.
This group came to Hyattville on a mission trip, to help 
others wherever needed, and we are so thankful for 
the time they put in to help get this part of the roof done.
Here (below) you can see the new structure as it relates to the house.
After a break to attend a wedding, 
and what a beautiful day for a wedding,
two friends came and 
helped get the sheeting put up.
The help Andy and Tomy gave is so appreciated.
From the underside, sure looks different.
Sheeting going up on the other side.
All the sheeting on and the widows peak formed
Project signed and dated.
So the roof is installed, but we are not done yet, some decorating to do.
Lights should be here today, will  share the final  touches

So thankful for all the help we have gotten on this project.
We could not have done this alone......
er......Kirk could not have done it alone.  Grin.

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Susan said...

That's wonderful. It will be nice not to have the snow and rain to deal with as you go out to your car in the weather - or have the snow piling up on vehicles.