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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I originally posted this in Feb of 2009
but after a recent comment came in, I read it again
and decided to post this again, along with the comments
of encouragement from my friends
My hope is that it will encourage someone else as it has me, again.

Struggling with Courage.

I am awake at 1am because I am wrestling with courage. Why am I wrestling with courage?

I have this idea, and it will take work and discouragement is setting in. It doesn't take alot for discouragement to get a foot hold and tear apart something.

I think of what God says about thinking on whatever is good. Courage is good, right?
Discouragement is the opposite of good, therefor evil, of Satan. Discouragement is like a cancer, it starts as a nagging little thing and grows into the death of an idea. I know that Satan does not want us to succeed, (well unless we are working for him) he likes to destroy us, he'd like us to just lay down and do nothing, to be a bump on a log, making no difference in this world, especially not a difference for God, let along doing something good for our fellow humans.

I struggle alot with discouragement, I want to lose weight and have the goal in mind when discouragement comes along and says.......why should you give up this or that, here have some M&Ms. Or I want to begin exercising and discouragement says....oh it is to muddy out to go for a walk, exercise is boring, why don't you sit down here at the computer (oh Adah) or read a book.

I know there are alot of things we have accomplished here that have taken pure courage, but it has not been my courage. I am a wimp when it comes to courage, I am easily swayed from things by the simplest remarks or thoughts. I would not, nor could I have done the things we have done here alone, I gain courage from my husband, but on the same note he can discourage me with a simple negative remark.

I need to gain courage to act on my ideas, despite what others may think, but how? I suppose courage needs exercise. I know I have courage, just like the cowardly lion had courage all along in the Wizard of OZ. It comes by baby steps, I guess.

How do I get discouragement to leave me alone, how do I overcome it? It comes in so many forms, such as the feeling of being overwhelmed, I get that one alot. Depression, too. It is like discouragement likes to stick out his foot and trip you up at every turn and then runs away laughing, as you fall on you face. It is usually a lie.....you can't do that, your not good enough, your not smart enough, your not good looking enough, your just going to fail and on and on it goes.

I remember how long it took me to get up the courage to make my first batch of soap, boy was I scared I would fail, it must have taken 6 months. I didn't fail and then I was off an running, but somehow courage requires new lessons with each new venture. Hummmmm.

That is it, isn't it?
Discouragements goal is to get you to fail before you even try. WOW.
What is the worst that can happen if one fails, of course depending on what it is.........at least in this case I won't die, I may have to pick myself up and dust myself off..............

Do you struggle with this?
Maybe I can sleep now, since I have talked about it with you all, thanks for listening.


Michele said...
Mom, You are a very strng woman and we all suffer from Satans hold sometimes.. Just pray and remember we are all here for you. We love you and know you will accomplish all that is good in the Lords eyes.
Susan said...
Blogger is giving me fits tonight, but we'll try again anyway. You are one of the most talented, creative people I know. You didn't say what your idea is, but you can make it work, whatever it is, if you want to. All things are possible through Christ.

As for the struggle, yes, I think that's universal! Satan is universal and so are his temptations. I can't tell you how many things I haven't done because I got cold feet at the last minute. However, it doesn't always happen, so sometimes I've won. =)
Kate said...
I struggle with discouragement each and every day. And, I get it on all sides. When I was a failure at life, people loved to hand that to me. But, now that I am more successful at managing life's little battles I still get it. In spades. Take a deep breath and say 'I am the sum of all my accomplishments.' My Mom taught me that a long time ago. It works. And, know that people love you.
Wakeboard Mama said...

I think I know you better than most and because of that I can tell you that you are much stronger and have more courage than you ever did when I was a kid. I have ALWAYS learned alot from you but over the last few years you and Kirk have taught Andy and I alot about doing what you believe in! No matter what issue came your way you guys have worked through it and have made it work!

I struggle with being discouraged too! EVERYONE DOES...some more than others but that is because God made us different...he also gave us a choice. We have to LEARN to chose to listen to him and not that horrible little (evil) nagging voice...the discouraging one!

I will pray for you and you pray for me...we will both make it through our battles and become victorious in God's name and in his eyes!!!! After all...HE IS THE ONE THAT MATTERS!!!!

Love you!!!
Dea said...
Gail, I read this just now, and I had to reply.

The answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!

Matter of fact I think Discouragement is my middle name somtimes.

You are so right that the devil knows your fears, and how to play on them. He does this continually to me, but with your encouragement to acknowledge that God is good, and wants you to succeed, I too think this can be overcome.

I think you're couargeous, just by what I have seen thus far on this blog. I am encouraged that by you doing all that you have done, that maybe, just maybe, I can accomplish some of my goals.

May God continue to bless you, and give you the strength to be as courageous as you long for.


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Susan said...

2009, 2013, or 2050, it's still a good post. AND you are still one of the most talented and creative people I know. =)