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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Last half of 2013

It has been a hard last half of 2013

We have lost 3 of our parents since August.
Kirks Dad and Mom, then my Mom
(dad passed 6 years ago)

After the two trips to Ca and one to Nv 
we are ready to just stay home.

To help bring a smile back to my face, 
Kirk did something he dislikes doing
He put up Christmas lights.

 Kirk made this cactus when we lived in Ca.  we gave 
it to his parents when we moved.  I was one of the things we
brought home with us after their passing.

 His Mom had it decked in lights, so we did the same.
Love it
 With the new carport, I wanted to put the lights on it
this was not an easy task.

 Then he put red lights on the caboose....cute!
The lights make us BOTH smile. 

Things are calming down
Other then a week of very, very cold weather
we are getting back to normal.  

Have a blessed rest of 2013


Jody s said...

I'm so sorry to hear what a tough year you have had! Your lights look fantastic! I hope everything gets better for you in the new year!

Susan said...

Your lights looks amazing! If it weren't so cold there, I would say I wish I were there to see them in person. The cold HERE is killing me, so I can't imagine being there. Hope you have lots of wood chopped for the winter.