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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nothing to exciting to report today, though we did see the deer again today on the hill above us, it is probably warmer up there as cold air sinks down to the lower places. We spent most of the day making the counter top for the cabinet in the kitchen (awaiting the laminate which should be here this coming Friday, I sure hope I picked the right color) and making the front frame for two of the top cabinets. I tell you, building your own house can be really trying, especially when your trying to make dinner with no kitchen sink (or bathtub) to do dishes in. We do have the bathroom sink in but not much will fit in there, I keep holding off and using paper and plastic, but what do you do with pans and such. Sigh. Another issue we have is water, at this time we are having to haul it and the storage which only holds 1,000 gals was freezing up on us, so we had to get a tank heater for it.

The weather was sunny but still quite cold, if you would like to watch our weather use accuweather.com and put in zip code 82428.

I think I have decided how this blog will work, sort of like the movie Godfather, looking at the present and popping back to the past. I will try and make sure I let you know when I pop back, so you won't get lost. I remember when we went to see that movie, you see, I get very wrapped up in movies so I was able to follow it just fine but the other 3 people said it was to hard to follow. I will try and make this easy to follow. Did you follow that?

Tomorrow we will be taking a trip up towards Billings, Montana. This is where we go to do any shopping at places like Costco, HomeDepot, Lowes, etc. It is a 3 hour drive, but nothing like we ever did in Ca. Traffic here is very light, most of the time we are the only car on the road, a traffic jam here generally involves cows, the other day it was wild turkeys, sometimes a deer (which usually is at night and is not a good thing, it causes braking and some creative steering), ducks sometimes get in on the act of stopping traffic, and the occasional pheasant, too. It is a sad thing here though, as alot of animals get hit by cars especially at night so if you are ever driving thru Wyoming be on the watch.

So our trip tomorrow is to take the transmission and clutch to the truck for repair. I think we really put our Dodge Ram to the test, with the 6 trips we made back and forth to Ca. to bring all of our "treasures" up here. Our loads were heavy and with lots of steep grades, it was hard. Kirk and I are huge DIY, except when we find someone who can do it better (as with the trans and clutch) so we hauled all of our things ourselves in a converted truck box, like you'd see on a semi. He built a goose neck trailer to put under it and away we went, just your everyday run of the mill rednecks, LOL.

The picture is of our place now, this was taken 2 days after Thanksgiving and our first good snow of the year. If you'll notice, just to the right of the building is a trailer, yep that is the one we loaded to the hilt and hauled up here, 1,000 miles one way. The truck, a diesel, it really did the job well, kind of torked the transmission though.

What do you think of our back yard?

Night all,

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