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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wood Cutting Trip

It is that time again.....time to begin gathering wood for winter. So last Saturday we took a trip up the mountain. A beautiful day, the weather was cool and the view beautiful, we found wild raspberries and enjoyed those and a little picnic before heading back down the mountain.

During our trip up the mountain one of our tires developed a hole, not good but we were lucky enough to have a patch kit, so got that fixed....these tires are old and the hole was caused by a rock....again not good as the road is made of 'rocks'.

Part of our wood haul.

We decided not to get a totally full load because of the tire, which was about 1/2 down on air because of the hole and we figured it would blow on the way down.

The trailer was 3 times as full as you see it here and the truck was full. This will wait for another day.

We headed out and all was fine for the first 10 miles or so, then the other tire blew out, yes blew, bang. We went slow as the rubber from the tire is shredding all over the place. Below is the result of the next 5 miles to the bottom of the mountain where we could off load the trailer and head home for the spare.....ya, it was at home! All ended up great, what a beautiful day, a brilliant sunburn and sore muscles. Today we did some more cutting and doubled the stack of wood, once we get new tires we will be going back up for more winter heat.....our cool weather is gone again, but it is staying under 100, I hope.

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