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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nesting Boxes & First Free Range Day

Chicken Tales
Things have been busy in the chicken coop!
We are up to 18 eggs a day now
(it would be nice if the people who said they would buy them..would!)
They like their new nesting boxes but
I think we need a couple more as I am
finding up to 4 eggs at a time in a box, 
which leads to broken eggs just from the 
hens being in there.  The "rule" seems to be 
1 box per 5 hens, we have 24 so I guess we need 2 more
I find eggs on the ground and outside if all 
nests are busy OR I find 2 hens trying to set in the 
same box at the same time.  Kinda funny.
This little girl was the first to investigate the new boxes.

Today is the first day I have let the girls out of their yard.
Why, cause it is to cold out there, and I needed to stay outside
to see how things would go, it was 41 degrees.
They thought this was great and it was a good experience for us all.
See Tricksey there (by the wash tub), gives you an idea how small she is.
She has learned to respect the chickens.
There is alot for them to investigate.
Seeds and bugs to find, AND weeds to pull!
I worked a bit in the garden, but the ground is still frozen so 
about all I got done was to move about 6 straw bales to a new location
All our dogs are really good with the girls
They are more interested in what I am doing 
or rough housing together then bothering the chickens
The girls are a bright bit in the late winter dull and ugly landscape.
After about 2 hours the girls all went back into their yard,  two 
had gone back to lay eggs, the others I think were hungry
and thirsty, which was fine with me because the wind had started blowing 
and I was cold even with my coat on.  A very good first day out.  
They will love it in a few weeks as it gets warmer and
the grasses start growing more, lots of chicken snacks to be had.

Thank you for coming over, we enjoyed your visit.

God Bless you always.

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Denise said...

Wow, love that your girls are so giving! Sorry to hear you're having bad luck with flakes on buying. If you and I were closer I'd be a serious buyer. My little supplier is in Glenrock, sells them 1.50/doz. and I buy 6 doz every other week. One thing I found out about farm fresh eggs vs. the store bought eggs (in California & other states) that it is the feed that made me think I was allergic to eggs. I'm not allergic to eggs. You'll have to find me at htt://wyomingstorygirl.wordpress.com and look up when I started an egg essay challenge on a cooking site and what happened. I now sing it to anyone who swears they have egg allergies or other allergies - to get it straight from the farmer for a test. Guess what? You might be allergic to what they fed the animal or sprayed on the plant.